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My plan was to regularly update this blog however this was made impossible for two reasons, first I had to figure out how to get around the Chinese government firewall (I am not very tech savvy so took a whole for me to download a VPN) and second it's amazing how busy you can be when you're unemployed just living life and soaking in all that's going on around you.

My trip through china included Beijing, xian, shanghai, longji terraces, Yangzhou and Hong Kong. 

My first challenge was getting from Beijing airport to my hostel in a trendy hutong in central Beijing, this turned out to be surprisingly easier than expected. 

Highlights of Beijing would definitely include the hutongs and the art district of 798. Being swindled by a cab driver on the second day was a reminder that you do have to keep your wits about you.

Hostel in Beijing 

We moved onto xian which included my first night train experience, a bit of a shock to the system but I'd like to think that I am now a pro at it.  Having said that, I CANNOT ever imagine getting used to using a squat toilet on a moving train.  In fact I don't think I could get used to any form of squat toilet ever ....

I absolutely loved xian, the best street food by a long way and an exhilarating 10km bike ride around the ancient city walls.  Karaoke night ensured that as a group we all bonded over 80s power ballads.

Moving onto Shanghai and the bund which is an amazing representation of modern china on one side of the river and old china on the other.  An afternoon walking around the hidden propaganda museum and a ride on the 350km per hour airport express train. Also discovered my favorite dumpling xiaolong bao, shallow fried pork and broth dumplings .... Coming in at the staggering price of 15p each! 

Following a 19 hour train journey, 3 hour bus ride and a trek we arrived at longji terraces.  This was my favorite part of the trip, two nights at an isolated mountain hotel, the facilities were basic at best and there was nothing to do after 6pm but the trek through the stunning terraces mountains made up for it. 

Staying in the Guilin area we moved on to Yangzhou which is the most touristy area of china.  Found an amazing yoga studio where my instructor finally taught me how to do a headstand properly! Met a group of westerners (the first in over 15 days) I might have got a bit overexcited at the prospect of a proper night out and ended up being sick in a bin ... 

The final part of my trip through china was via the ultra modern city of Hong Kong.  Best part of my time here included hiking up Victoria peak and high west (doing this in the midday sun might have been a bit of a stupid idea and the snake falling out of the tree over us highly unnecessary) and a quality night out with Helliker.  Our night started at the fancy rooftop bar sugar, followed by a Vietnamese dinner, drinks at red and Finally no HK night would be complete without a few drinks outside a 7/11 and a vodka jelly shot in lkf.

What I wouldn't do again in HK is stay at the ghetto hostel in Chungking mansions ....below  I have included a link to  an informative article I wish I had read before I booked


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